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Poink T Weasel's Journal
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Saturday, May 28th, 2016

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Been away a while...
Yeah, like 5 years. I'm going to start using and checking in here more. Forgive me for a while here; it's been a long time and I've honestly forgotten how to use this; and I'm notoriously bad at updates. So, lets see, the last few years?

Worked for the same company, got laid off, hired by another part of the company and am very, VERY much happier with it.

Still doing, and loving, the Funday Pawpet Show. Still consider the cast my closest friends.

Still doing the Poinkcast; it's on my website at http://poink.furryhost.com/ & it's on ITunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/poinkcast!/id480489166?mt=2. More stuff will be coming on my YouTube channel; mainly some gaming streams & silly shit. Also will be using Periscope occasionly. Mainly update my twitter account, since it's easier to do from an iPhone. Look for @PoinkCast

Worked with both Megaplex and Anthrocon, no longer directly involved with either convention. Still doing standup here and there.

Started working out a lot, went from 230 to currently 180

Lost my cat, Snowy, about 2 or so years ago. Still miss her.

Married the love of my life, Babs Bunny earlier this year.

Oh! And I'm currently naked.

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