Poink T Weasel (poinktferret) wrote,
Poink T Weasel

And after a brief hiatus....

Hiatus...there's a big word. Well, after catching up with work, life, and Megaplex and a couple of standup performances, I am back doing the PoinkCast. Here's the newest one!

Campaign 2012

I will have the ITunes stream updated tonight as well, and will get some more work done on my website. Also, since howler6691 asked me for some stuff he could run on his show "The Rabbit Hole" before anyone else gets it, I have been working on something different for him as well, and should have some stuff to him this week.

And as always, I'm on Twitter and Fur Affinity as well as my own site and probably various mugshots on Post Office Walls.

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