Poink T Weasel (poinktferret) wrote,
Poink T Weasel

Quick Update

Hi all! Well, it has been a hectic week for me; I noticed from the messages and viewing the channel logs that people were concerned, which I appreciate, so I just wanted to give folks a quick rundown.

About the middle of the week last week; I caught the flu, spent a few days with a fairly high fever. Voice is still a little hoarse, but am recoverning. And then of course there was the fire. Most of the details believe it or not will end up in my next PoinkCast, since they actually turned out fairly funny(you try getting a panicky cat out of an apartment), but in a nutshell:

Friday afternoon about 3:00 the fire alarms went off. Where I live, there is one quad of four apartments to the right, and one to the left, all in one building, two upper, and two lower. I live(or now, LIVED) in the right quad, bottom left. The upper left apartment of the left quadrant is where the fire started. By the time the fire department and police got there, the whole area was filled with very nasty, acrid smoke. My apartment fortunately recieved no water or fire damage, but was filled with smoke. It took about 45 minutes for the fire department to get the fire out once they got there. The fire inspector came out, and I was put up in a hotel for the night.

Saturday morning the landlord called me in, and it came down to this, the entire building was being cleared out, due to the smoke damage being very nasty and possibly toxic(burnt plastic, insulation, etc). They are basically going to gut the place and rebuild. So, I was offered a 2 bedroom apartment at my same rent...the only stipulation being I had to move and be out of the place by today so they could start repair and rebuilding. So, from Saturday Noon till currently, that's what I have been doing; packing, moving, trudging between apartments. I will be finishing that up today. Big thanks to kuddlepup for helping me get the large items over, big thanks to everyone that offered to help as well. And a huge thank you for the concerns and well wishes. To summerize:

Me and my cat are fine.
No damage other then having to replace and launder/clean a lot of stuff due to the smoke damage
One very tired weasel, who can heartily say doing an emergency move while you have the flu is not fun.

Thanks to everyone:)
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