Poink T Weasel (poinktferret) wrote,
Poink T Weasel

So what have I been up to?

You may have noticed the PoinkCasts are coming out a little slower. No, it’s not that I’ve gotten tired of them. On the contrary, I’m enjoying them more these days and I’m hoping you guys do too. Mainly I’ve been trying to make sure they lean more towards comedy then commentary, plus people seem to like me letting the seacow jump in too. I like Hugh, he makes a nice slow-witted foil to Poink’s brand of wit. Hopefully, I’ll have you another one this weekend; the tracks are already laid down; it’s just been a question of getting time to do them. Plus getting both of these guys in one room together. Sheesh!


As far as other things, well, work wise, I’ve been working on getting a promotion at work. This leads to more money, which leads to a happier weasel, meaning I have more ready cash to spend on porn, err, research. And as far as other things, I’m on the board for the Furry convention Megaplex, and I’m also the programming director, and trust me, that’s like wrangling cows with a lasso made of Twizzlers. Much like any convention.  Plus, I’ve been working out like a fiend. And plus, well, there’s this:


Yep, I’m gonna be at AC, and I’ll be doing standup again, but this time, I have an hour that’s all me. And I’m busy writing and prepping to give what I hope will be the best show that I’ve ever done. And I will admit I’m a tad nervous, but hopefully, people will enjoy it. The material is flowing nicely, and for the most part it’s all stuff I’ve never done before.  We are working to make sure it’s filmed, and hopefully once it’s done, I will finally put out a dvd of me doing this stuff, if people want to see it. So there you go, busy weasel, but hopefully all things will pay off in the end. Oh, and the gloves are gonna be off, as of this writing; I don’t have to watch my language, and trust me, not planning to!


So, who can I expect to show up for this gig?

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