Poink T Weasel (poinktferret) wrote,
Poink T Weasel

Contest idea for tonight!

Well, in thinking about some ideas for Funday tonight, I was watching a DVD box set someone gave me, and I noticed that a few of the episodes on it have music and effects tracks only; no voices. So I was thinking, maybe we could MST3k it tonight. But then I thought, wouldn't it be fun to see what the audience could do with something like this.

So Babs Bunny sent me some comic book pages which through some kind of error, have no speech balloons. (She is, by the way, the one who gave me the original idea for this contest; I am just blatently ripping it off which is what weasels do. :) So here's the idea, you guys out there fill out the balloons, and send them to me. The one or two we think are the funniest, will be read on the show! And if t catches on, I'll see about making it a regular bit. Email to tastyweasel@cfl.rr.com

So, here you go!

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